Casa Zorba:

A haven for personal growth and inner harmony


Live in harmony with nature in our warm and sustainable home

Casa Zorba is a house workshop for therapists and groups. A place for personal growth, self-knowledge and the search for inner harmony. A retreat house in which to shelter from the daily noise and find peace. A refuge where every season is beautiful and different.


In spring, you can watch the tiny wrens build their nests. You can contemplate the night sky waiting for a shooting star to pass by in summer. In autumn, you can relax to the sound of the stream bed. In winter, you can look out over the snow-capped mountains and return to the warmth of the fireplace. And the full moons are incredible all year round.


In this warm and cozy house on a half-hectare property, we live in harmony with its environment and the life that inhabits it. It is part of its philosophy: respect for nature, circular economy and sustainability. Because Casa Zorba is also the project of a lifetime and a commitment to live it in a different way.